Differentiating for and Anticipating Student Needs M5U3A2


Teaching is not an essay job to fulfill, In fact, it’s challenging.  Planing lessons, be sure that all students get the material being prepared and be sure that all the students are getting the learning and knowledge that you are trying to teach  is difficult. They are all different, with varying levels and types of ability and learning. It can makes teaching even more challenger and difficult.

Today, teachers have a least one or two students in the classroom with some  disability, identifying the type of disabilities is the first important step. I cannot say that I have a lot of years of teaching experiences, but so far in my few years I have come across most often with students with ADHD students. ADHD is a problem which is becoming larger and larger as more people are diagnosed. This disorder is very difficult to teach to, as students have a hard time maintaining attention spans. ADHD can be best combatted by forming routines and writing down the goals for assignments to help kids keep on track.

A good a example of differentiating and anticipating is Cameron, is a students who suffer from ADHD. He is the typical trouble make students that most no one what in their classroom.  My first experienced with him it was not pleased it all. I asked him many times sit down, but it seems that he did  not care it all that I was talking to him. – what are you doing cameron? course he was doing his own thing, the whole class-time he was putting lotion in his face, in his legs. Even thought I took the lotion away from him, he keeps taking more lotion from his backpack.  it was an ordeal. After learning more about him and know that he is a ADHD student, I need it to put in practice the knowledge that I had with this type of behavior.

Students with ADHD need a lot structure, consistency and constant and visual remainder. It’s help  to provide them with more them one choice for activities. One of the most important strategies for students with ADHD is to a classroom setup, and organization. By setting up the classroom it can be the first step to take toward helping students. Students with ADHD need to be close to the teacher and away from all distractions. Students can often have problems with organization. We as a teachers need to be sure that we provide an affected  organizer for students with ADHD. At the beginner of the year, work with these students to organize binder, school supplies, color coding, and make sure the students have a way to keep track of their upcoming assignments. keep a constantly supervisor  of their work.

Another way to help students with ADHD is introducing the lesson and what students can expert to learn.  when we do direct instruction try to use props and visual aids activities and be sure that we always use eye contact. another way is just to let the students to stand in the back of the room and pace if they need to, a long as it does not disturb other students and allow them to take breaks as necessary.

Its important to have a clear information posted about the classroom rules and tasks to be done. Even though, with some of these strategies in place it does not guaranteed that  students will stay on task but it would help not only the student,but also the teachers and the classmates.


According to dictionary readiness is a  state of preparedness of persons, systems, or organizations to meet a situation and carry out a planned sequence of actions.

For students with a high level of readiness, the will get more assignments and homework also they will get more open-ended questions during class- time that can demonstrated more creativity or critical that will use more advanced words and concepts.  I might ask an high readiness students to explains in a high level to shop for clothing in the store and explains the different types of clothing, stores and gender.  A low a readiness student I might ask based clothing information. I might ask the high readiness students to complete a full sentences structure just to push the limit  of their strongest skills.

Dendy, C. (2017) Some students with ADHD may need school accommodations. Make sure they get them. Some accommodations can be as easy as monitoring the student’s work and developing a plan to help him not fall behind and even accepting the occasional late assignment — this can give the student confidence and get her back on track.



Dendy, C. (2017, April 19). How Teachers Can Help Every Student Shine. Retrieved July 01, 2017, from https://www.additudemag.com/teaching-strategies-for-students-with-adhd/


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Teaching is my passion that is why I teach Spanish to show the culture of all the Latin-America countries.

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